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September 13 - 15

Every year, Vale do Poço hosts the Cross-Border Agricultural Fair. Producers, local population and visitors come together in the heart of the Serpa and Mértola mountain rage for activities related to the rural world and to promote the potential of this territory in the areas of agriculture, forestry, livestock, environment, society and culture.


Booths with cheese, wine, cured dry sausages, olive oil, traditional pastries, organic farming and handicrafts, as well as small taverns with regional gastronomy, side by side with popular entertainment, music, hikes and traditional games, among other initiatives.

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The Municipality of Serpa and the Municipality of Mértola take turns organising the Vale do Poço Cross-Border Agricultural Fair, with the support of several entities, namely the Union of Parishes of Salvador and Santa Maria (Serpa), the Parish Council of Santana de Cambas (Mértola) and the Municipality of Paymogo (Spain), among others.


In 2019 the Cross-Border Agricultural Fair will be held from September 13th to 15th.

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