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In the 1990s the Municipality of Serpa began acquiring quality artworks (engravings, paintings, sculptures and others), signed by established artists, to form a relevant collection that will soon be available to the public at the Municipal Gallery of Contemporary Art (Rua de Pedro Anes) and at the Town Hall’s lobby (Praça da República).


that exhibits the majority of the collection. Names like Vieira da Silva, Júlio Pomar, Graça Morais, Palolo, Bual, João Vieira, Abílio Febra, Rogério Ribeiro, António Inverno, Chichorro and Francisco Relógio, among others, are responsible for many of the works. The exhibition also includes new artists, born or residing in Serpa, like Margarida de Araújo, Manuel Seita, Paula Estorninho or the cartoonist Luís Afonso.


The sculpture collection is spread throughout the city, in an urban circuit that showcases, among others, some of the winning pieces of the Prémio Ibérico de Escultura (Iberian Sculpture Award), awarded by the municipality every year. Augusto Arana, Manuel Fuentes Lazaro, Giga Coelho and Leandro Sidoncha are some of the artists whose work can be admired in this tour that also allows you to get to know Serpa even better. This experience can take you to the studios of some of the resident artists, if you decide to tour not only the city of Serpa but also some of its localities. In Vila Verde de Ficalho, the birthplace of Francisco Relógio and other contemporary artists, you can enjoy some more of their works. It is also where the Grupo Ficalho Artes group promotes an annual contemporary art event.

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Rua Pedro Anes, 12

7830-428 Serpa


To be defined


00351 284 540 124 (Culture and Heritage Department of the Municipality of Serpa)



To open soon

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