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© Margarida Araújo

© Margarida Araújo



Margarida de Araújo opened her gallery - located in Rua dos Fidalgos, in Serpa - in 1996. In this space, both studio and showroom, she works on her ceramics and sculpture and on the organisation of various activities related to artistic creativity.

Born in 1967, in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo), capital of Mozambique, she came to live and study in Portugal until 1986. In 1987 she attended a ceramics course at the Volkshochschule in Vienna, Austria, where she also took the opportunity to learn German. She returned to Portugal in 1988 and took vocational training courses in Ceramics. In 1992/93 she lived in Rome, where he attended a workshop with the ceramist Luigi Diotalevi. In 1993, in a five-month cultural stay in London, she visited London's museums, art schools and fairs. The following year she returned to Rome and attended the workshop of the ceramist Ersillieta Gabrielli.


© Margarida Araújo

She now spends much of her time in her Serpa workspace and her art (which extends to other plastic arts, beyond sculptural ceramics) matures under the inspiration of many of the telluric motifs that abound in the territory in which she lives: "The figurative images that I create have a strong line and a soft blur, where form expresses the idea of the object of my creation. In sculpture I use ceramics, bronze, iron, cement and resin. In paintings and drawings I mainly use acrylic, watercolour and Indian ink”.

Margarida de Araújo - who exhibits regularly in Portugal and abroad - was distinguished with an Honourable Mention at Galeria Aberta - Galeria dos Escudeiros, Beja (1999), won in 2001 the Regional Award of the Prémio Nacional de Artesanato (National Handicraft Award) and was again awarded an Honourable Mention in 2002 at Galeria Aberta (Beja). She was later awarded the Mais Artista Plástico distinction by the "Revista Mais Alentejo" magazine in 2005, 2006 and 2007 and conquered another Honourable Mention in 2006, at the 5th Bienal de Artes Plásticas da Vidigueira (Arts Biennial of Vidigueira).

She has exhibited in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and the USA and her works are displayed in public and private collections as well as on some emblematic spaces of the Alentejo.


Rua dos Fidalgos 5

7830-350 Serpa 


Wednesday to Saturday

14:00 to 20:00


00351 284 544 041 / 917 356 320




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