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Designed for Smartphones (Android and IOS) this app will be your main tool to independently explore the entire municipality, covering all the notable points of its heritage.


Taking into account your location, and using georeferencing, the app identifies the nearest points of interest, allowing you to start a route.


The “Territory” section lets you explore the possibilities in advance and define routes according to your own interests and you can even save the routes you have traced.


The points of interest available are organized in the 4 main themes of the Serpa destination concept: Landscape, Buildings, People and Intangible.

Each point of interest is presented with multimedia contents, text, images, sound and Augmented Reality. Other notable points will be integrated in the future, in order to diversify the visit experience.

For each route the visitor is provided with information such as estimated duration, distance, themes, difficulty and points of interest to visit. For some locations are available Virtual Reality videos that add to the appeal of using this app and provide yet another original and recreational experience for the visitor.

Its use is completely free and it is available for download on Google Play, Apple Store or the Municipality’s website. It is available in 3 languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English.

See how easy it is to use!

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