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The collection of the museum housed in Vila Verde de Ficalho’s Old São Jorge Church - a building from the second half of the sixteenth century - is divided into three main groups: archaeology, ethnography and sacred art.


down a path that leads to the gate. Once inside, we find a set of archaeological remains that, although apparently modest, is of the greatest historical relevance, for what it allows us to learn about the archaic settlements in this territory and the evolution of the beliefs and habits of the populations.

This archaeological centre includes materials that range from the Palaeolithic to the beginning of the twentieth century, coming from excavations and superficial finds made in the parish. The space surrounding the museum-church comprises vestiges from various times, from the late Neolithic to the fifteenth century. The remains of a Paleo-Christian basilica, with its baptistery and several in situ graves (on the pavement of the naves and annexes), are especially significant.

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The ethnographic collection integrates objects and agricultural tools related to the activities of the people of Ficalho, a collection put together with the specific intention of preserving those items and that may be the starting point for other spaces and types of exhibition.

The sacred art collection includes objects and religious implements from the São Jorge church (a neoclassical building located a few meters away from this centre and the locality’s mother church) and the Nossa Senhora das Pazes chapel (a small chapel about two kilometres out of town, in the direction of the Chança river), as well as other pieces donated by private individuals. In the church building are especially interesting the vestiges of the fresco vegetal patterns decoration in the east façade, from the eighteenth century, and the reuse of Roman marble stones, both in the pulpit and in the church’s pavement.

Come discover this genuine historic location in the border village of Vila Verde de Ficalho.


Praça Conde de Ficalho

7830-626 Vila Verde de Ficalho


Monday to Friday
9h00-12h30 / 14h00-17.30h


00351 284 575 264



Ask for the key at the Parish Council (church square)


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