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© Nicola Di Nunzio



this territory can be visited all year round, providing a different experience every time.

Enjoy the landscape, observing and interpreting its different colours, forms and textures. The blooming pastures predominate in the spring; in the summer it is the yellow that prevails and in the autumn the landscape is painted by the colours of the ripe vineyards and ploughed fields, ready to welcome the new sowing. Each season is a profusion of colour.


Doing some agricultural chores is another way of experiencing this landscape and becoming involved in rural life. Some of the municipality’s estates organize tours which include tastings of their products. Tasting the dishes of the season, made from local products, is yet another way of becoming familiar with this territory. 


are excellent for outdoor activities and you can choose between pedestrian and bicycle routes that cover not only the city of Serpa but the entire municipality, with alternatives for all preferences. Ballooning and canoeing are a unique way of experiencing this territory and several local companies arrange such experiences.

During the summer, any option that allows greater proximity to the water is a good bet, and you can spend a pleasant day in the Serpa or Pias swimming pools or canoeing along the Guadiana River.

© Vasco Neves, Canoeing at Guadiana

Taking part in the cultural events held throughout the year may be another way of getting involved in the community’s life.  

The municipality of Serpa stands out for its intense and qualified cultural agenda that includes fairs, festivals and a wide range of other very interesting and unusual initiatives. 

Among these stand out the Feira do Queijo (Cheese Fair)  that takes place on the last weekend of February, the Serpa Festival - with its Ethnographic Parade - which is held on Easter, the traditional festivities of the municipality’s parishes, the Encontro de Culturas (Meeting of Cultures) in early June, the Noites na Nora (Nights at the Noria) in July, the Feira Histórica e Tradicional de Serpa (Serpa Historical and Traditional Fair) in August, the Feira Agropecuária Transfronteiriça de Vale do Poço (Vale do Poço Cross-Border Agricultural Fair) in September and the Cante Fest, which celebrates the Cante, heritage of humanity, during the month of November. 

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