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© Nicola Di Nunzio



inspired by the new museology that views the Territory as a product to enhance, by identifying and signalling its Notable Points. These become centres of social, cultural, tourist and economic dynamics, not only among themselves but also between themselves and the surrounding space, be it at the municipal, regional, national or cross-border level.

The Serpa Open Museum concept comprises the following meanings:

When we refer to Serpa we mean the municipality’s territory, its cultural/rural landscape and social construction as true endogenous resources of its Heritage and, therefore, as Notable Points that are unique, specific in their identity but plural and complex in their diversity and connections.

At the Museum - which is, therefore, the territory - we are invited to visit and to (re)acquaint ourselves with its notable points as living objects and to experience them, both individually and in groups (organised by themes), by plotting routes through the municipality.

With the expression Open (Museum) we mean to deconstruct the idea of an enclosed museum space, the “box” image; we want all of this territory, this geographic space, to be inviting, allowing the total enjoyment and conviviality between visitors, landscape, locals and culture.

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