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Get ready to discover the more natural side of the Alentejo. When in Serpa, do not fail to go down to the Guadiana - the great river of the south - and visit some of its most emblematic stretches. On the way, observe the holm oak montado, a landscape of great scenic, cultural and environmental interest that is becoming rare. Put all your senses to the test, sharpen your eyes, fine-tune your nose, awaken the touch and listen, enjoy.


Vale do Guadiana Nature Park

With more than 69 thousand hectares, part of which in the municipality of Serpa, this protected area follows (...)

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The Adiça and Ficalho Mountain Range

This mountain, of trapezoidal shape, is one of the rare elevations in the rolling Alentejo plain (...)

© Eco Sapiens, Adiça and Ficalho Mountain


Following the


The world’s most endangered feline, the Iberian lynx, is being gradually reintroduced to the Vale do Guadiana (...)

© Shutterstock, Iberian Lynx (Lynx pardinus)


The Serpa Mountain Range

The rugged Serpa Mountain Range was an extensive thicket of holm oaks, cork oaks and bushy vegetation, especially (...)

© CMS, The Serpa Mountain Range


Canoeing along the Guadiana

This route runs along 16.5km, in an extraordinary stretch of the Guadiana located upstream of the famous Pulo do Lobo (...)

© Eco Sapiens, Canoeing at the Guadiana


Millennium-old Olive Trees

With high heritage value and some of these olive trees with their twisted trunks seem to live forever (...)

© CMS, Millennium-old Olive Tree

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